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Industries Served

Steel Industry

In the steel industry, bearings can be found in a vast range of plant and equipment that is used in both upstream and downstream processes: from the storage yard for raw materials to the steelmaking, rolling and refining processes. All kinds of bearings are used in this plant and equipment.

Mining & Construction

Mining operations are important to the improvement and preservation of our daily living. The mining process starts with the breaking up of the rock face and continues through the processing of the minerals, utilizing such technology as cutting equipment, screening machinery, stockpiling equipment and conveying equipment.


Operating conditions in the oil and gas industry are known for high stress, heat and contamination. Our portfolio of bearings for oil & gas applications offers improved energy efficiency, reduced noise, and lower assembly and material costs in addition to greater performance and environmental benefits. Customers can rely on our comprehensive support from design to delivery and beyond, including some of the industry’s shortest lead times. WYDV high performance bearings offer reliable and safe solutions for every stage in oil and gas development, including drilling, production and processing operations.


Plant reliability is a key to achieve production targets. Improve the life and performance of your machinery regardless of the conditions — such as wet, heat, dust, vibration or load. Contamination is ever present and eventually it wears away at your machinery's effectiveness, often creating unplanned downtime. With knowledge of the harsh operating environment of the cement industry, WYDV offers a range of bearings that meets the needs of such demanding environment.

Papermaking Machinery

In recent years, the papermaking industry has been making great strides by enhancing the speed and the width of coverage of papermaking machines with the objective of boosting productivity. To reduce the amount of downtime caused by unexpected problems, customers demand high reliability from the bearings that are used in papermaking machines. WYDV bearings that meet these demands, and the company's bearings are used in all sections of modern papermaking machines. In particular


Gearboxes are used in a very wide range of industrial fields. Thanks to the use of gearboxes, a small rotation force (torque) can be used to produce a much greater rotation force, and a slow rate of revolution can be speeded up. In many industries, the gearbox, which is the equipment that transmits mechanical power, is an essential piece of equipment.

Mechanical Transmission

WYDV Bearings supplies a diverse range of custom mechanical power transmission parts and components that optimize plant operations and extend the life-cycle of your machinery. We’re equipped to provide full support services, repairs, maintenance, and replacement parts for a vast array of mechanical power transmission custom applications.

Port Machinery

Port large lifting equipment, including quayside container crane, gantry crane, gantry crane, etc., are the main lifting equipment for port loading and unloading operations. With the continuous development of lifting machinery technology, the requirements of various working conditions are improved, and the technical content of each link of the equipment is required to be improved. Bearing, as the main part of machinery used to support fixed shaft and bear the load, its function is obvious. Without the use of all kinds of bearings, the various actions of the equipment will not work normally. The large cranes used in the seaport have been working in the marine climate with a lot of salt fog, high humidity and large temperature difference for a long time. The large crane working in the inland port will also be affected by the industrial atmosphere and severe climate; when the large equipment in the port is operating, multiple actions are carried out at the same time, and multiple loads are superimposed at the same time, which have a great impact on the use of bearings. Wydv bearing in understanding the use of customers, according to the requirements of customers, a series of products meet the requirements of customers, to achieve the international advanced level.
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Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Wafangdian Yuanda Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd



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